Investment Management

After first satisfying the need for safety in your retirement plan, we offer managed investment funds to provide financial liquidity and diverse growth opportunities. We know there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to financial planning, which is why we carefully evaluate and reevaluate your financial situation–always placing safety first–before deciding together if our expertly managed funds are right for you.

How We're Different

Fiduciary Commitment

As independent, fee-based advisors, our unwavering commitment is to you and your financial needs.

Custom Portfolios

We listen and develop balanced, diversified portfolios tailored to you, with an attractive blend of growth opportunities within your risk tolerance.

Low-Cost Funds

Our lower-than-average fees mean less money from your account and more money for meeting your comprehensive retirement plan goals.

Research-driven Design

Our in-depth analysis into your investment portfolio composition aims to put your best foot forward for growth, all with an eye to risk reduction.

Tax-efficient Investing

Together with our team of tax preparers, we offer tax-free investment strategies, all part of our efforts to safeguard your hard-earned savings.

Expertise Matters

As an RICP® firm, we specialize in financial advisement for retirees and understand their unique need to balance risk and safety.

"As you near retirement, it is critical to switch gears from growth mode to safety mode. That's not to say that your portfolio should leave the market entirely. Stock market investments remain an important part of many retirement accounts, so long as they are allocated to first satisfy your need for safe, reliable retirement income. As I like to say, 'Safety is best, then invest the rest.'"
Nathan Frederico, RICP®
Excerpt from Amazon bestseller, Rethink Your Retirement