Retirement Income Planning

Safety first. It’s not just a saying, it’s our mission. You can rely on us to create the reliable retirement income you need, expertly planned with the following four features:


Designed With You in Mind

Here at Mayfield Financial, it all starts with you. Rather than adding you to an existing plan, we first listen to your needs, then build a completely custom plan from the ground up. We assess your savings and sources of income, and analyze your expenses to determine what you need to maintain your desired lifestyle in your retirement. Because every dollar counts, we strategize how to make your money work most effectively for you.


A Foundation of Income

As a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, our team expertise is creating clear, efficient sources of income in retirement. And here you thought income stopped after employment! We recognize that the foundation to successful retirement is reliable income, giving you the confidence that you can meet your monthly expenses in retirement and live on your own terms.


Safety Without Compromise

It may be said, “If you love something, let it go,” but when it comes to retirement, we believe you should never have to lose your hard-earned savings. That’s why we believe that a portion of your portfolio should be set aside and protected from Wall Street. When you know your money is in rigorously-vetted financial instruments, safe from the stock market, you gain something your money can’t buy: priceless peace of mind.


Go the Distance

Top of mind for retirees today is “longevity risk” or the fear of your life lasting longer than your money. Our planning not only addresses the next decade or two, but for the rest of your life–and your legacy. We scrutinize and strategize to take longevity risk stress out of the equation, utilizing only the best financial products with powerful guarantees for your lifetime and even for your heirs and beneficiaries.

As a Member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group

We have mastery of advanced retirement plan strategies. We are experts in retirement specific legal, tax, and planning advice that today's retirees need.

Comprehensive. Built For You.

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