Unlock Your Retirement Potential

Proven retirement strategies, provided for your needs.

It’s a familiar scenario: “Imagine you find yourself in front of two locked doors, and behind each door is financial opportunity…” Usually, the next part of this story is that you’re given just one key. But imagine if you were handed both keys? At Mayfield Financial, we offer comprehensive retirement planning, using two key planning methods:

Income Planning

“Safety first,” or income foundation building, offers reliable income in retirement to replace your employment earnings. This involves minimal risk and modest gains to keep pace with inflation. We use financial products designed to safely protect your standard of living.

Indexed Growth Investments

To compliment income planning, we offer low-cost investment portfolio management, customized to your objectives and risk tolerance. Our team of client-centered fiduciaries strategize with extensive research, all while utilizing a low-cost indexed investing model to maintain lower-than-average fees for our clients.

Our Process


Our client relationship begins with getting to know you and what matters most in your life. We want to make sure we’re on the same page with your retirement planning goals before providing advice.


Next, we move forward together on your goals. We are here every step of the way, from 401k rollovers to Roth conversions, transfers to establishing beneficiaries, and finally ensuring that everything is in place, just as planned.

Our Process


Our team strategizes to create your custom retirement plan with clear recommendations. Each needed expert provides a cohesive analysis, taking into account your goals, your timeframe, your risk tolerance and other factors.


We aren’t interested in creating retirement plans and then moving on. We’re here to partner with you, to review your account, meet with you as often as you need, and make adaptations as life happens.

Additional Services

Pre-Retirement Planning

Are you on track to achieve your retirement goals? Is your timeline feasible? Meet with our pre-retirement planners early to learn strategies you can use today to enjoy the best retirement in the future.

Tax Planning

Our certified tax experts provide retirement-minded personal tax preparation, as well as consulting to minimize your tax dollars.

Estate Planning

No retirement planning is complete without formal agreements to protect that plan. Our team includes expert attorneys offering wills, trusts, and other beneficiary transfer planning.

Client Services

Have a question about your account? Want advice on a financial matter? Need to update your information? Contact us today.